Reflecting on Faith, Hope, Love, and Salvation

From the author of “He Says, She Says,” Ervin Lee is back with a new title, “From Beer to the Bible.” His book, which will be released in September 2021, is a compilation of proverbs and stories following his stay in a rehab facility.

Ervin has broken the Ten Commandments with willful disobedience and has suffered mightily because of it. He wants to inspire others to turn to their Christian faith as they embark on a journey toward recovery. While Ervin can’t tell you what to believe in, he can only confidently say that you should trust in God.

Mission and Vision

The Lord's goal for this ministry and my own is to warn others of the consequences of sin and to give hope to all those who are going through self-inflicted suffering, and most importantly to lead people back home to Jesus Christ.

How From Beer to the Bible Began

Get to know Ervin Lee and his humble beginnings as an author and a servant of God. See our about page to know his inspiring story.

Get to Know Ervin Lee