About the Book

From Beer to the Bible does not only reflect Ervin’s story. It resonates with people who have been waging silent wars with addiction, depression, and loneliness. Lee hopes that through his writings, people will find strength and inspiration to move forward.

Several notable Christian leaders have already endorsed the book in advance of its release. Should you wish to pre-order your own copy, kindly send us an email. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to various charitable institutions that are helping individuals heal from substance addiction.

About the Author

Ervin Lee is a marketing executive and the owner of a successful chain of retail liquor stores. After overcoming his battle with alcoholism, he founded Hampton Ministries, which aims to help those who suffer from substance abuse.

He is now proudly working as a spiritual coach and consultant for Fortune 500 executives, leaders, and pastors. He and his wife are currently residing in their home in Dallas, Texas.

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Portrait of Ervin Lee