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The Story BehindFrom Beer to the Bible

At first glance, Ervin Lee seemed like he had what everyone desired. He had a lucrative career as an executive at Fortune 500 companies, a prospering liquor store chain, popularity, and women. Despite his achievements, he was fighting a battle that no one knew about. His inner demons were slowly destroying him.

Ervin had suffered from extreme alcoholism. His vice put his business, marriage, and even his own life at risk. Lee had decided to enter rehab as a last-ditch effort to salvage everything dear to him.

During his stay in the facility, he found more than just freedom; he also found God. Today, he has devoted his life to shining a light for those who are clouded with the darkness of addiction and depression. He gets by with the help of his "spiritual sobriety kit," which includes physical exercise, prayer, and writing about the truth from God's Word. Ervin cofounded Hampton Ministries to help others find the best path to sobriety and spiritual health. Visit www.hamptonministries.org to learn more about its mission and make a tax-deductible donation.

Now, Ervin is a proud author of From Beer to the Bible: a compilation of short, profound proverbs he discovered following his days in rehab. The book invites the reader to discover the Christian faith, hope, love, and salvation. As the writer, he hopes people will be encouraged to know and experience the light of God's love.

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